The Bering Strait Expedition

The path from Eurasia to America

#BeringStrait2020 #ArcticAcademy
Chukotka, Russia – Alaska, USA
Route Length Approximately 500 kilometers
25 of February - 25 of March 2020
Skis with sledges
7 participants
2 instructors
Helicopter in case of emergency
The Bering Strait is the widest strait in the world, which connects the Pacific and Arctic oceans and serves as the border between Eurasia and North America.

At the same time, the strait isn't impossible to cross. Residents of Chukotka region (Russia) and Alaska (United States) often had to go this route, usually by boats. However there have been very few ski expeditions that had participants successfully cross the border.
The narrowest part of the strait has a width of 86 kilometers. In winter it is covered with broken ice. Those parts of the route that have open water spaces appear unexpectedly and they freeze quickly, creating dark nilas, through which you can't sail using boat and can't go using skis. Everything that we traditionally call ice is unpredictably moving under the influence of wind and water currents. Under the influence of Southern winds, the speed of ice in the strait reaches 7-8 km/h. Air temperature is usually from -35 to 0 degrees Celsius.
The route of the expedition goes through the territory possessed by the lord of the Arctic – The Polar Bear. It is his favorite place to settle down from February to March.
The Berring Strait is waiting for its new explorers!
This is truly an extreme adventure and a unique experience.
Expedition Organizers
Arctic Center under the leadership of Simonov Viktor Albertovich. The main goal is to help expeditionary and research activities in Arctic region progress.
  • Organization of expeditions of different difficulty levels in arctic and subarctic territories
  • Organization of lessons on arctic preparation, survival and safe habitation in Arctic region in order to improve specialists working in Arctic and Subarctic regions: governmental employees, pilots, expedition participants, expedition organizers, etc.
  • Testing of equipments, technology, ammunition and nutrition in arctic conditions
  • Development of Arctic tourism
Goals of the expedition
  • To connect Russian Arctic and Alaska.
  • To complete the legendary historical route which connects two continents and had significant cultural effects on different nations throughout history.
The expedition goes through extremely harsh areas of the Russian North and North America, through the areas of permafrost and ice deserts where the straight which connects the Arctic and the Pacific Oceans is located. Skiing route is 500 km  Enurmino (Chukotka, Russia) — Point Hope (Alaska, USA).
  • Participants cover the route using skis
  • Participants carry their personal items and equipment in a special sledge. 80kg per 1 person
  • Total length of the route is about 500 km, taking into account maneuvering around water obstacles and drift.
  • It is planned to move during day time and take 9−11 hours a day depending on weather and ice condition
500 000 meters of ski route
Up to 10 kilograms of weight loss – this is normal for such expeditions
8 brave participants
Air temperature can be up to -50 degrees Celsius
80 kg of equipment in sledge per 1 participant
5/5 adrenaline level
4400 kilocalories – daily nutrition per 1 person
5/5 difficulty level
  • Famous traveler and Polar instructor
  • Master of Sports of Russia (Sports Tourism)
  • Expeditionary leader of the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation in the Arctic region
  • Expedition experience – 30 years
  • Expedition experience in the Arctic region – more than 15 years
  • Polar explorer
  • Famous Russian Traveler
  • Psychologist
  • Group of 7 participants and 1 dog:
  • 3 brave representatives from Slovakia
  • 1 brave representative from New Zealand
  • 3 representatives from Russia
  • The expedition team is accompanied by a faithful dog, which will warn the camp from the approach of a polar bear.

  • All expedition members meet on January 24 in Moscow and fly to Anadyr (Russia
  • Participants reach Moscow by themselves
  • Flights are carried out from Moscow to Anadyr (Chukotka), then participants reach the starting point of the expedition (Eastern Coast of Chukotka)
  • Finish: Participants are provided with transfer from western coast of Alaska to Anchorage (Alaska)
  • From Anchorage participants travel by themselves
  • Flight from Moscow to the starting point of the expedition is included in price. Transportation from the finishing point to Anchorage is included in price as well. Baggage limit – 20 kg per person
  • Ski expedition starts from the eastern coast of Chukotka. Participants cover approximately 500 km
  • There is a supporting helicopter in case of emergency.
  • Throughout the expedition, participants will live in arctic tents (2 participants in a tent). There are no residential settlements during the route.
  • If possible, 2 warm nights at the start of the route and at the finish
  • At the starting point of expedition in Anadyr and in Anchorage, nights are spent in a hotel
  • 2 times a day, hot meals in the morning and in the evening + snacks on the move (meat products, tea, nuts, dried fruits, chocolate). Hot meals include sublimates and convenience food products.
  • Detailed menu will be provided upon request
  • Special arctic drinks (herbal blends, tea, coffee) with high content of vitamins and convenient packaging for expeditions are provided
  • Main equipment includes: skis, sledge, tents, sleeping bags, polyurethane mats, basic dishes for cooking food and ovens are provided for participants temporarily for the duration of expedition
  • Individual equipment list with recommendations is provided to the participants of expedition
  • Participants can buy equipment by themselves or can purchase the package that includes everything necessary for the expedition.
  • If a participant already has some of the equipment, it is necessary for safety purposes to discuss the usage of it with the leader of the expedition
  • Participants has patches and logos of the expedition. Equipment  is of high quality, tested in multiple arctic expeditions, provided by REDFOX
  • The team will have several satellite communication devices "Iridium" that will be carried by expedition instructors
  • Leader of the expedition will communicate with headquarters every day in order to get information about weather and ice condition.
  • Participants will be able to communicate with their family using satellite connection once per 2/3 days.
  • Expedition participants will be provided with contact information of headquarters and communication services that will provide round the clock information on team's position.
  • It will be possible to see team's location on web-site of the expedition where we will host live stream of data received from "Iridium 360" tracker.
  • We will also be keeping the diary
  • We have developed the program aimed at assistance to the team in case of emergency.
  • Participants are provided with insurance in case of emergency.
  • The team will have a permission to use firearms to protect themselves from polar bears.
  • Every participant will be provided with signal and noise devices to create scaring effects from wild animals.
  • Participants will be instructed on safety measures before the expedition
  • First aid kid is provided
  • Individual medicaments and medical insurance are provided by the participants themselves.
Expedition is organized with active support of:
The Government of the Republic of Karelia
The government of the Chukotka Autonomous District

  1. Expedition participants move on skis having sledge behind them. On average, a sledge weighs about 80 kg per person. Sledge and skis are designed especially for arctic traveling
  2. Expedition members are actively involved in organizing the camp and working with general equipment along the route.
  3. Alcoholic beverages are consumed in small quantities only after the camp is organized. Alcohol in large quantities is strictly prohibited. The organizers have the right to remove participants from the route for drinking alcohol while on the route
  4. Expedition organizers can change the route, depending on weather and ice conditions or for safety purposes.
  5. During the expedition participants are obliged to follow recommendations of the organizers and Instructors.
Leave your contact details and we will contact you:
Headquarters of the expedition
Phone, Viber, WhatsApp
+7 911 435 97 00
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